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TRI Color LED Signal Torch (SG-TR-001)

Product Code : SG-TR-001

Description Mini Multipurpose Tri Color LED Torch Rechargeable
Design Sleek, Light weight
Weight Not exceeding 195 Grams without battery. 285 Grams with Battery
Body Make Aircraft aluminum anodized alloy tubular barrel with spring loaded back lid. Heat resistant, Shock resistant, Rust proof, Water proof IP64
Belt Holding Facility Detachable Belt Clip with body
Dimensions Length 154 mm. Head Dia: 48 mm. Back Dia: 36 mm. Body Dia: 30mm
Colour Black
Modes of Lighting Four modes. 1: White Bright 2: White Dim 3; Red Flashing 4: Green Flashing
Lamp White LED 10 Watt CREE T6 High Power with 120 degrees dispersion angle
White Light illumination Bright Mode 5000 Lux and Dim Mode 2500 Lux at 1 Meter distance with full charged battery
Red Flashing illumination 18-30 Lux at 1 meter distance with full charged battery
Green Flashing illumination 70-90 Lux at 1 meter distance with full charged battery

Focus Range

  • Torch : White Torch Up to 300 Meters
  • Red and Green : Red and Green Flashing Up to 1 Km
  • Operating Switches : 2 individual 2 stage Push button switches (Off/Flashing) for RED and GREEN lights and one 3 stage Push button switch (Bright/Dim/Off) for White Torch. Red color button for RED Signal, GREEN color button for GREEN Signal and WHITE color button for white Torch. Only one of the aspects either Red or Green or White Torch is only possible at any one time. Flashing rate for Red and Green 220 to 270 pulses per minute.
  • Battery arrangement : Compatible Dual Battery system with Lithium-ion 3.7 V 4500 mAh of 26650 Or Li-ion 3.7 V 2200 mAh of 18650 international standard sizes
  • RBattery : Rechargeable single battery Lithium-ion 3.7 V 4500 mAh. of 26650 DE IST
  • Charger : Works on single Phase AC input 100V-280 V 50/60 Hz. with DC output 5 V, 1000 mA. Charging Time : 6 to 8 Hours depending upon the extent of discharge condition of the battery. Protects over charging. Glowing Red LED shows charging is in progress and Glowing Blue LED shows full charge.
  • Charging Type : Inbuilt USB Charging Provision
  • Red and Green LEDs : Min. 5mm size Red LEDs:8 nos. and Green LEDs: 8 nos. with electronic flashing circuit.
  • Lamp Life : 50000 Hours
  • Life of Battery : 700 cycles. (based on IEC charge /discharge spec.)
  • Accessories : Power Adaptor
  • Make/Model : Make: Silicon Grand Model: SG-TR-001
  • Inspection : As per IRS Conditions
  • Warranty : 1 Year against any manufacturer defects.